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Braun Oral-B Toothbrush, head replacement

BraUn Oral-b D12 Vitality Precision Clean

Connecting and charging

Your toothbrush has a waterproof

handle, is electrically safe and

designed for use in the bathroom.

Plug the charging unit (D) into an

electrical outlet. Place the handle (C)

on the charging unit.

A full charge takes 16 hours and

enables approximately one week

of regular brushing (twice a day,

2 minutes).


Giá: 750.000vnđ


Giá: 30.000vnđ/ 1 cái

toothbrush head machine Oral-b/BraUn

Giá: 280.000vnđ/hộp 4 cái


Giá: 450.000vnđ

Oral-B EB18 Pro White

Giá: 360.000vnđ/hộp 3 cái

BraUn / OralB toothbrush head EB25-3 Foss Action
BraUn OralB
toothbrush head EB25

Giá: hết hàng

BraUn/Oralb EB20-3 Precision clean
-Oral b EB20 Precision clean

Giá: 90.000vnđ/ 1 cái

OralB type 4732 CAP2-2 Action

Oral-B Complete Action Power
Toothbrush Deep Clean

Giá: 180.000vnđ/ vỉ 2 cái

Oralb deep sweep D16.513u

Giá: 1.450.000vnđ

Head Oralb Trizone EB30-4

Giá: 90.000vnđ/cái

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